Turning a toothless smile into pearly white one

I took out my lower denture to stop me clenching my jaw while I was mowing. I popped it into my shirt pocket for safekeeping along with my keys. The trouble was, when I finished the lawn and went inside for dinner my teeth weren’t there.

Woman smiling with lawnmower

Family with laptop

State helps keep family connected

It was a typical day for me and I was picking up our middle daughter up from daycare. I parked in my usual spot outside and, with our youngest on my hip, locked the car. When we returned to the car my bag wasn’t in there.

Broken window shatters long weekend holiday

I was watching TV on a Queen’s Birthday weekend Saturday night. I thought I heard a loud bang at one point but didn’t really think too much about it. It was only when I headed for bed that I saw that the large window in my bedroom was cracked into several pieces, although it was still hanging in the frame.

Bicycle theft tests insurer’s endurance

Glen finished the race and came home to Taranaki pretty pleased with himself. Then one day a friend borrowed Glen’s bike to get home. Only he fell off on the way so he parked the bike in what he thought was a safe place and limped home.

Gwen gets more than she bargained for at the supermarket

It’s a bit of a drive from Queen Charlotte Sound to Blenheim but one day earlier this year I had to be there to visit my husband Bob, who was in hospital for surgery for cancer, so I ducked into the supermarket on the way...

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