The importance of protection when you least expect it

Man on stationary bicycle When our daughter needed an extra rider on her team on the Taupo bike ride our sixteen-year-old son Glen did the right thing by his big sis: he went out and bought a white Merida road bike and hit the road training.

Glen finished the race and came home to Taranaki pretty pleased with himself. Then one day a friend borrowed Glen’s bike to get home. Only he fell off on the way so he parked the bike in what he thought was a safe place and limped home.

Unfortunately for Glen, the bicycle wasn’t there when we went to pick it up. So we hunted round for a few days but didn’t have any luck finding it. Finally we figured it was time to call State to make a claim.

Linn and I have been with State for around thirty years and we’ve made a few claims over that time. This time was no different from any other: they were really helpful and understanding and told me all the information I’d need to supply to make the claim. But then Glen’s cousin found the bike the next day, so I called State to withdraw the claim.

I’ve never had any hassles with State. They always sort everything out. And Glen’s bike is now much safer - it’s on a fixed trainer in the living room!

  • Another great claim experience
  • Helpful claims consultant
  • Contents insurance cover there when needed

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