Man smiling by new window

I was watching TV on a Queen’s Birthday weekend Saturday night. I thought I heard a loud bang at one point but didn’t really think too much about it. It was only when I headed for bed that I saw that the large window in my bedroom was cracked into several pieces, although it was still hanging in the frame.

I taped up the window as best I could because I didn’t realise I could have called State right there and then, even though it was late at night. But when I did phone them early the next morning, they didn’t muck around. Within 15 minutes I got a call from a glazier, who then turned up within the hour.

A southerly was getting up and it looked like rain, but the window was so large the glazier needed to order special glass to fit the pane. Still, he made good the broken pane with temporary repairs and showed me how strong it was so that I could sleep easy beneath it.

The glazier returned later that week with the replacement pane and then it was all sorted. I was pretty impressed with the service I’d received all round. It only took one phone call, and that was at 7.30am on the Sunday of a long weekend.

I hunted around and found the bottle that had been launched at my bedroom window. I’ve got a fair idea who lobbed that missile, but I’m keeping my suspicions to myself. I’m just glad the window didn’t shatter into 1000 tiny pieces - especially if I’d been in bed at the time.

  • Super-quick service
  • One call, zero hassle
  • On-duty over long weekend

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