Family with laptop

It was a typical day for me and I was picking our middle daughter up from daycare. I parked in my usual spot outside and, with our youngest on my hip, locked the car. When we returned to the car my bag wasn’t in there, so I figured I must have left it at the café where I’d been having a meeting earlier.

Only my bag wasn’t at the café. Neither was the laptop computer or the camera that had also been in the car. That’s when I realised that our car must have been broken into, I’d never had anything stolen before, and it was hard to believe it had happened in just a few short minutes outside a daycare centre in bright summer daylight.

I phoned my husband Verne first. Then the banks - to cancel our credit cards - and the police. Meanwhile Verne phoned State to make a claim on our contents policy. He expected it to be a lengthy process because so many different items had been stolen, but we really needed some things replaced urgently, like the laptop - because it was our home computer - and my cellphone.

Verne works in IT, so he knew the laptop specifications and didn’t want to mess around trying to ensure we received an equivalent replacement. But that was never a problem because State put him through directly to their computer hardware supplier who recommended the latest equivalent model. It was couriered over to Verne the very next day.

Replacing the cellphone was just as easy. We were able to walk into a Noel Leeming store, quote our claim number and walk out with a new handset.

We’ve been with State since forever and won’t be switching any time soon. They helped turn what had been an unpleasant experience into a positive one, so we could get on with the much more important job of working and looking after our family.

  • Quick claim turnaround
  • Technology matched spec for spec
  • No hassles treatment

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