You are never too old to play |

06 October 2010

It’s no surprise that Kiwi women are more sentimental than men when it comes to their favourite things, but who would guess that Playstation is the most loved possession for some of our nation’s 80-year-olds? While photos and computers are our overall favourite things, results of State’s ‘My 3 Things’ research have revealed we’re pretty consistent in what we really care about.*

State asked New Zealanders what they care about most, be it for financial or emotional reasons. More than 3,000 people answered State’s call at and the results will now help the company find new and improved ways to protect what Kiwis value – even those things that aren’t easily or can’t be insured.

The results reveal that, while Kiwis care about a wide range of things, memories matter most to women and technology comes first for men.

Photos topped women’s lists, with 33% naming them among their three favourite things, followed by jewellery – including heirloom jewellery – which 22% added to their list. Computers were consistent frontrunners for men nationwide, with 27% listing their laptop or PC among their favourite things. Cars came next, followed by all things sport, which featured on 20% of men’s lists.

Executive General Manager of State Insurance, Mary-Jane Daly, says, “Insurance is about more than just insuring things – it’s also about protecting what’s important to you. State Insurance has been protecting New Zealanders for 105 years, so we know that what’s important to people continues to evolve. We were keen to understand what New Zealanders truly value today, and we’re thrilled so many people responded.”

Daly continues, “The study gives a fascinating insight into what Kiwis love and, ultimately, we hope it will encourage people to think differently about insurance. We wanted to get Kiwis talking about the things that really matter to them, because those are the things they should be protecting, and we want to help them do that.”

“We’re now armed with better insights into what Kiwis genuinely care about, including those things that aren’t easily insured or can’t be insured, such as photos and heirlooms. We are currently analysing the data, and plan to use it to develop new products and policies to cover and protect the things that matter most to New Zealanders.”

About State

State has been providing New Zealanders with an extensive range of personal and business insurance services for more than 100 years. State manages over a million policies on behalf of more than 460,000 New Zealanders. State is a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s largest general insurer.

* About the survey
A total of 3,000 people completed the survey, with 65% of the respondents being female and 35% male. Respondents were from throughout New Zealand, with the majority of respondents from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

For the purposes of this media release, people and pets have been removed from results across all categories, to concentrate only on our favourite “things”. State understands that family, partners, friends, children and pets will always be what Kiwis care about most; and understands that some survey respondents did not include people and/or pets in their lists, interpreting the question to mean only objects, thus people and pets are omitted from this release.