State participates in Earth Hour

28 March 2011

As part of State’s commitment to sustainability it actively promotes Earth Hour, and Saturday 26 March 2011 was no different. State staff throughout the country made extra sure that as many non-essential appliances as possible were switched off before leaving their offices, while State sites such as claim centres that operate 24 hours made concessions wherever possible towards energy conservation.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 to demonstrate how people can work together to create a sustainable future, and quickly gained momentum. In 2010 nearly one billion people across 128 countries participated by turning off appliances and lighting for at least one hour, resulting in huge energy savings globally.

State supports the annual initiative as part of our commitment to sustainability. Climate change caused by fossil fuel consumption creates extreme weather events which can impact hugely on the insurance industry. In the interests of protecting our planet, and ensuring the insurance industry can continue to underwrite weather-related risk, we actively encourage our people and our customers to participate.

For more information about Earth Hour and how you can make a difference visit
Earth Hour.