State supermarket docket saved my life

11 November 2011

Adventurous Wellington local had just spent two months carving up the slopes in Tahoe, when a last minute snowboarding trip to Utah almost became her undoing.

“My mates and I were having a little too much fun on an end of season power day in Park City, Utah. We were out in the trees doing some jumps when I bottomed out the landing of a back flip,” says Deborah who suffered major spinal injuries as a result.

She was rushed to Intermountain Medical Centre in Salt Lake City medical centre where the extent of her spinal injuries became apparent. “I remember the doctor at the medical clinic saying I’m not sure you how you can still move your toes, before he called for a neurosurgeon. I was in surgery the next day.”

The 25 year old had taken out a State travel insurance policy online using one of our supermarket docket promotions to get a discount. The policy cost Deborah $260 – an extremely worthwhile investment as the total cost of her treatment and repatriation to New Zealand has been estimated at $250,000.

“State was fantastic. They arranged for my mum to fly to my bedside and also arranged for all my belongings to be transported from Tahoe to Utah. Having my mum there was awesome. There was no way I would have been able to get home through the airports and on and off flights without her. We both got business class flight home - which was cool. When you are travelling in a wheelchair business class makes life a lot easier.”

Deborah was repatriated back to New Zealand with State’s help a few weeks after her surgery and has continued her recovery with physio and strength work at the gym. “I’m almost back to a normal life but I do have a little way to go. I’m so grateful to State for looking after me so well at such a critical time.”