Stay sharp at state driver reviver rest stops this Easter

10 April 2012

State Insurance staff will be out on some of our main highways this Easter weekend giving drivers the chance to fend off fatigue at State Driver Reviver rest stops.

Travellers will be able to rest and re-energise at State Driver Reviver rest stops whilst enjoying free barista coffee, barbecued sausages, fruit and water as well as toilets and activities for kids.

Ministry of Transport provisional figures for 2011 show that 32 people died in crashes where fatigue was identified as a factor, while 139 suffered serious injuries and 601 suffered minor injuries. The total social cost of crashes involving fatigue in 2011 was an estimated $249 million.

“We’ve been operating Driver Reviver rest stops over the Easter long weekend for eight years now. The rest stops are run by staff volunteers who have taken real ownership over driver safety and fatigue,” says Mary-Jane Daly, Executive General Manager of State.

“Driver fatigue is one road risk we can actually manage, and we’re proud to be able to offer passing drivers a chance to take a break on us.”

You may be suffering from driver fatigue if you are:

  • having trouble focusing, keeping your eyes open or holding your head up
  • daydreaming, having wandering or disconnected thoughts, or loss of memory
  • yawning or rubbing your eyes repeatedly
  • drifting from your lane, tailgating and missing signs or exits
  • feeling restless and irritable
  • someone who has recently travelled long-distance by air.

If you are driving and begin to feel tired:

  • Rest - stop and get out of the car for at least 15 minutes as soon as you notice any of the signs of driver fatigue.
  • Refresh - have something to drink or eat, but avoid even small amounts of alcohol and stick to light foods to stay alert.
  • Re-energise - pull over somewhere safe if you need to take a nap, but don’t sleep for more than 20 minutes as you may feel groggy. Wait at least 10 minutes after you wake before you drive again, to make sure you are completely alert.