Weather related prangs covered in majority of cases

16 August 2011

State insurance has cautioned the public to heed advice about driving conditions from the policy and local authorities.

State's Executive General Manager, Mary Jane Daly says extreme care needs to be taken on the roads because of the wintry conditions currently being experienced across the country.

"People driving carefully in hazardous conditions can expect their motor vehicle cover any unexpected accidents," Ms Daly said.

"However there may be incidences where people have driven recklessly e.g. in areas where signs clearly indicate chains are required or a road is closed, which may cause difficulties when making a claim through their insurer.

People should check their motor vehicle policy wording and if in any doubt they should contact their insurance company to clarify the policy wording," said Ms Daly.

Particular care should also be taken when hiring a rental car as rental car agreements and/or the insurance cover can be more restrictive than an ordinary insurance policy.

To keep cars roadworthy owners should visually check their tyres from time to time to ensure the tread is good and promptly seek qualified assistance if they have concerns about their car's performance.

State has been providing New Zealanders with an extensive range of personal and business insurance services for more than 100 years and manages over a million policies on behalf of more than 460,000 New Zealanders.