Create a wow wardrobe


Everyone wants an attractive, well-organised wardrobe, but most of us live in a state of disarray. We waste time getting dressed in the morning because we think we don’t have anything to wear. This is rarely ever true.

“Don't overstuff your wardrobe,” says professional organiser Natalie Jane. “This creates chaos and makes it hard to find your items.”

Natalie helps people with unruly closets every week and has got it down to a science.

Start with a selection of boxes for “keep”, “donate” and “repair”. Empty your wardrobe, and categorise as you go, making a pile of jeans, jackets and so on. Review each item in a category. Try it on if you need to. Ask yourself when was the last time you wore it? And do you even like it?

“Be honest with yourself - if you didn't wear it last season you won't wear it the next,” says Natalie. “Keep the clothes you love and use and that fit you now.”

Keep going through your clothing until you have sorted each category and each item of clothing is a “keep”, “donate” or “repair”.

Now give your empty wardrobe a good clean. Get right into the corners and make sure there aren’t any missing items lurking there.

Think about how you store your clothing, shoes and accessories inside your wardrobe. A selection of rectangular baskets and boxes can be really helpful. For example, you might want to roll your socks and arrange them in a box. Jeans can be folded neatly into one basket and t-shirts into another. A scarf organiser is a great space-saver.

Now comes the satisfying part: putting your favourite, most versatile items back into your wardrobe. “I always say, once you know what you own, you will know what you need,” says Natalie. She is a firm believer that a well-organised wardrobe saves you money, because you don’t accidentally buy five white t-shirts or six brown belts.

She also advocates the “one in, one out” rule. If you buy a new top, you must get rid of one already hanging in your wardrobe, by donating it.

Put your most-used items in the most accessible part of your wardrobe and work upwards and downwards from there.

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