Timaru Hail Storm FAQs

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

  • In the 1980s, prestige car manufacturers were looking for a way to repair small dents that occurred during manufacture and delivery
  • That system is now available in New Zealand and around the world, no matter what kind of car has been damaged
  • While there are a variety of techniques, they all involve leveraging or easing the dent back into its original shape
  • This gentle process means the dent can be removed without damaging paintwork or the need for a respray
  • So, you can get your car back looking the way it did before the dent occurred
  • The process is also quick, so when you are dealing with events like the Timaru hail storm, it allows repairers to get vehicles back to customers faster
  • The process does not damage the paint of vehicles and repairs can be done in days rather than weeks, particularly when hail damage is involved
  • It’s best used for small dents such as hail damage and when paintwork hasn’t been damaged

The before and after mages below show the effectiveness of Paintless Dent Repair.

Car damaged by hail
Fig.1 - A car damaged in the 2019 Timaru Hailstorm
Hail damaged car repaired
Fig.2 - The same car after hail repairs completed

What do I do if I think my car is unsafe?

If you think your vehicle is unsafe or can’t be driven, we will treat your case as a priority. As a guide, if your windscreen is broken then it is considered unsafe. Do not drive your vehicle if you think it is unsafe. Let us know if this is the case immediately via 0800 80 24 24.

How long am I expected to wait before I know when my car will be assessed/repaired?

We appreciate your patience. Our team has assessed more than 5,000 vehicles. Please call us on 0800 HAILST if you have any concerns.

What do I do to lodge a claim, and can I go to my preferred repairer?

Our priority after such a significant event is to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. We may suggest that your vehicle to be referred to a specialist hail repairer to facilitate this. But if you want to use your preferred panel beater, we are very happy for you to take that option. Please call 0800 80 24 24, or use your preferred means of contacting us.

What is State doing to get my car sorted as soon as possible?

Our priority in the wake of this major event is to get customers with vehicles that are not safe or can’t be driven back on the road as soon as possible. We are utilising the services of international hail repair specialists to assist local repairers to deal with all hail related damage as soon as possible. However, it will be some time before all damage resulting from this storm has been fixed.