Looking after your car during COVID-19

DRIVING | April 2020

We may be hunkered down with our cars are not being used as often as normal, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking after them. Here are some car specific things to consider during this period to ensure your car is running safely once things start returning to normal.

Park in a safe, covered area. While we’re moving away from the heat of the summer sun, it’s still good practice to keep your car away from excessive sunlight to avoid damaging the paint. No covered parking? Place a cover over the car to protect it!

Want to keep the handbrake from getting jammed? Make sure not to engage the handbrake when you leave the car parked during this period, leaving it in gear, or Park if it’s an Automatic. You can also use wheel chocks if you want more security – even big pieces of wood or bricks will keep the car from rolling.

Start your car every couple of days if it's not being used. One of the easiest ways to stop your car battery from depleting when it's not being used is to go out and start it every few days and leave it idling for a little while.

Check your tyres. Are they properly inflated and are at the correct pressure? They can lose air pressure when not in use so it’s important to keep them inflated to avoid issues like cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots. Got space in the garage? Move the car forward and backwards to keep the flat spots at bay.

Keep it clean and tidy. With a bit of free time on our hands, now is a great time to give your car a bit of love with a good clean and tidy up. We should be doing this regularly, anyway, but if you’ve got those bigger cleaning jobs that you keep running out of time to do in the weekends like polishing your car and giving the interior a good vacuuming, then now is your chance. Kids bored at home? Get them to help and make a family bonding moment out of it too.

State Roadside Rescue continues to provide accident tow management and roadside rescue services to essential service workers’ vehicles (used by workers to get to, or provide their essential service) and private vehicles used for essential purposes such as getting groceries, going to the pharmacy or visiting a medical professional. This will involve towing a vehicle from the scene of the accident either into storage or to the customer’s home address. To keep you and our staff safe we ask that you answer any questions, and comply with any directions given to you during the provision of our breakdown services. To access Roadside Rescue call us 24/7 on 0800 10 11 12.

Our phone lines are much busier than usual, so there may be a long wait.

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