How to stay on top of your wellbeing

Think of your health as being made up of many parts

We function better when we are healthy, but when we are busy we can forget to prioritise our wellbeing.

"Looking after our wellbeing can feel pretty daunting, especially when we're already busy," says Shay Wright, co-founder of Te Whare Hukahuka, which works to empower Maori entrepreneurs and leaders.

"For me, learning about the Te Whare Tapa Whā model of health by Sir Mason Durie helped me visualise my overall wellbeing as the combination of many different parts that each need attention."

Te Whare Tapa Whā conceives health as a wharenui with four pillars: physical, mental, spiritual and family wellbeing. Each one is as important as the others. If any of the pillars is neglected, the others may suffer.

While we most commonly focus on sleep, exercise and nutrition when we think of improving our wellbeing, we shouldn't overlook our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

"We should consider the quality of our thoughts and feelings, of our relationships and our level of intimacy," says Shay.

"How do you integrate play into your work and your day? Is there a strong sense of identity and meaning in your life? Do you have daily routines around self-care and mindful breathing?"

You don't need to try to transform your health overnight. The most important thing is to make a positive step towards looking after your wellbeing.

"Consider what areas you might need to work on," says Shay. "That has really helped me identify where to focus to improve my wellbeing."

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