What to do after a storm or flood

Weather | April 2017

Having to leave your home due to severe weather and / or flooding is an emotional and overwhelming experience. To make things a little easier for you, here are six practical tips to help you navigate the recovery process as quickly and effectively as possible.

  1. Get permission before returning to your home or place of business. Your safety, and that of your family, is number one. If it is unsafe to return to your home or business you should wait until officials give you the all clear to return.
  2. Be mindful of hazards. When you do return to your home or business, be wary of hazards in and around the building. Make sure the electricity and gas has been turned off before entering. Take a torch with you, even if you may not need it.
  3. Help your neighbours. Connect in with your neighbours to see how they’re doing and if they need any assistance, especially the elderly. Don’t know them? Now’s a great time to introduce yourself. Getting to know your neighbours will ensure your community recovers quickly and you’ll be better prepared for whatever life decides to throw your way in the future.
  4. Be careful with food and water. Throw away any food that has been in contact, or has likely been in contact with floodwaters, and ditch any perishables, especially if your power has been cut off for an extended time. Boil tap water until emergency services advise it’s safe.
  5. There’s help out there. There are many organisations out there to help with the recovery process, such as the Red Cross. Do a search of the organisations in your area to find local support.
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