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Get a special offer with ComplyHub just because you’re a State Business customer.

The Offer.

Sign up to ComplyHub and pay $240 + GST for a year’s subscription. Saving you $160 off the normal retail price!*

How to get it?

To get this sweet offer, just email us with your name and customer number. We’ll reply with a special discount code for you to use when you sign up to ComplyHub. Easy as that.

*T&C's apply

What is ComplyHub?

There are so many different laws and regulations that you, as a business, need to follow and know about. Tax. Health and Safety. Product and Services. Employment. Marketing. And much more. ComplyHub lets you know about them all. Even down to council rules. It’s like having your own compliance expert on call.

Why is compliance so important?

Non-compliance can come at a cost to your business, financially and reputationally. So knowing all the laws that relate to your business will help you avoid these costs.

How can ComplyHub help you?

ComplyHub is like having your own personal compliance expert. But all online. They allow you to uncover legal obligations that might apply to your business. Along with showing where you’re at on your own compliance journey. It can even help you address non-compliance, by providing practical steps, checklists and tools.

Want to learn more about ComplyHub? Check them out here.