State is committed to sustainability. Find out how we’re reducing our carbon footprint.

Becoming carbon neutral

IAG Group, the Australian-based company that owns State, is committed to sustainability.

Our commitment has led to various initiatives aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company and the communities we’re part of. Chief among these is the goal of reducing CO2 emissions, with the entire company aiming to be carbon neutral.

Carbon reduction

We believe global warming and climate change resulting from increased atmospheric levels of CO2 lead to increased risk of extreme weather-related events such as storms, floods and droughts.

For this reason our first priority is to trim our CO2 emissions by reducing our consumption of paper and electricity, and travelling less wherever practical.

We’re pleased to report that our CO2 emissions have been consistently reducing since 2005 through actions like double-sided printing, switching off computers and lights, and initiatives such as video conferencing, digital assessing and introducing hybrid cars to our fleet.

These reductions will help to keep premiums more affordable for our customers by helping to reduce the frequency and severity of extreme weather events and the subsequent claims that arise.

Zero target

Our second priority is to neutralise or offset the impact of the CO2 we’re still producing. In this respect, our goal is to effectively produce a net total of zero greenhouse emissions.

As well as through reductions in paper and electricity use, we use carbon offsets, such as planting trees or funding sustainable-growth forests, to offset our carbon footprint.

We can also purchase green energy or provide funds to help other companies increase their own carbon absorption rate.

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