Climate change and managing risk

INSURANCE | 6 August 2019

New Zealand’s a risky place to live, and those risks will only increase as the climate continues to change. Still, risk can be managed when you know what you’re dealing with. Here’s a bit about what you can expect climate-wise by the end of this century.

Ministry for the Environment (MfE) projections

Warmer areas:

By the end of this century, the MfE expects New Zealand’s rate of warming to be lower than the global average. But the North Island will see greater temperature increases than the South Island, and the northeast of the North Island should experience the greatest spikes.

Drier areas:

Longer, drier summers are likely to bring with them droughts in some areas, especially along the East Coast.

Wet areas:

While MfE projections are for heavier rainfall in the north and east of the North Island during summer, much of the South Island will experience heavier rain in the winter. Both scenarios could lead to an increase in flooding for properties near rivers and flash flooding.

Find out more about how climate change could affect your region here.

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