A quick guide to decluttering

LIVING | 24 June 2019

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed while looking at your overstuffed wardrobe or struggled to find a place to store new items you’ve just bought, then this article is for you! Don’t put it off any longer. Chances are, you’re not as bad a hoarder as you think. Here are our quick decluttering tips to help ease the load:

Put it in the calendar

Schedule it in just like any other appointment, activity, or event. Blocking it out in your diary means you’re more likely to stick to it too. Decluttering takes time and depending on how much stuff you’ve got so ask friends or family members to help. You know what they say – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Tackle it by category

Which room or area are you going to tackle first? Once you’ve decided on which areas you will be prioritising break it down further into specific sections. If you’re tackling your kitchen, you might decide to go through what’s in your fridge first before moving onto old dishes and mugs that you’re not using anymore. Breaking it down by category helps keep you from being overwhelmed and stressed out!

Make a list of what you do keep

It’s never a bad idea to keep stock of all the stuff you own too. Goodbye, accidentally buying another identical t-shirt like the one you already own! Here's our guide to creating a content catalogue on the cloud so you can easily keep track of your stuff.

Put it in a pile

An easy way to sort things out is to separate your things in to piles. “To keep”, “to donate”, “to sell” piles are a good place to start. Once you’ve got the things you want to keep, put them away immediately to keep things tidy. Hopefully it will be easier to find homes for them around your house now that you’ve got all that extra space!

Consider a digital declutter too

Perhaps there are old files on your computer, or your desktop is looking a bit too busy lately, so consider a digital declutter too while you’re at it. Do the same for those apps on your phone that you don’t really use anymore! This is also a great time to back up any old files, photos, and documents you don’t want to lose!

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