The Cure for Monday-itis

LIVING | 17 June 2019

Oh, Monday. Must you really come around every week? You know that Monday feeling – you’ve hit the ‘snooze’ button way too many times already and now you’re running late. So many things to sort before you’re out the door and you haven’t even had coffee yet! The day drags on, busy, and the weekend seems ages ago already. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to stop time, but these tips will hopefully cure Monday-itis once and for all, or at the very least make it a bit more bearable. :

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Write your to-do before Monday even rolls around! Plan your diary for the next week, block out some time, and even set reminders for yourself if there’s a specific task you need to do by a certain time.

Have something to look forward to

Whether that’s a catch-up with a friend after work, a delicious meal you’re preparing, or even a nice shower or bath, make Monday the day to treat yourself! It’s easier to get through the day when you’ve got something to look forward to.

Stick to a schedule

The things you’ve put off doing on Friday sometimes come back to haunt you when Monday morning rolls around. Sticking to a schedule is good because not only will you feel more organised and in control, it also forces you to look at your ever growing to-do list and prioritise what’s really important. Our handy tip? Have a ‘Monday Masterlist’ where you can dump all the things you need to do and pick the tasks that you could realistically achieve that day.

Take small breaks during the day

Maybe it’s a lunch time walk around the block, a cup of tea in a quiet corner in the office, or an extra ten minutes of reading time. Whatever it is, make sure you schedule in little breaks during the day. Not only will it make Monday go quicker, but it’s nice to take a breather anyway.

Reassess your schedule

How’s your week looking like? Have you blocked out at least half an hour everyday to do something relaxing? What are you spending most of your time on? What needs to change? Is there anything you can rearrange so you’re not as busy all the time?

You got this! Check out some of our tips on how to streamline your routines for more time saving tips!

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