Protect and polish your home

in 2020
LIFESTYLE | October 2020

Let’s be real – it’s been a big, busy year.

We’ve been home more than ever, but that doesn’t mean we’ve done more around the house. Home-schooling, home-working, home-stressing – all of it takes away valuable home improvement time.

You might’ve noticed a few safety hazards during lockdown. Or maybe you just want to refresh things for spring. Either way, here’s a few tips from us to help keep your place safe and shiny for the rest of 2020.

Deal to your dryer

Clean dryer, no fire. That’s right – a clogged dryer vent can be a major fire hazard. Take a minute to clean yours out and keep your house safer for the season

Spray away spiders

Noticed more creepy crawlies around the house with the change of season? All good. Squeeze half a lemon, orange or lime and mix it with equal parts water in a spray bottle. A few quick sprays on your doorways and windowsills will get them out of your hair.

Protect your important things

Now the weather’s getting better, you’re probably keen to get out a bit more. Have a think about how to keep your home safe while you’re out - sensor lights, window locks, and home security systems all help deter unwelcome visitors.

Read more about home security.

Double-check those appliances

When you work from home all winter, your appliances work hard too. Check things like heat pumps, ovens, gas appliances, and DVS systems for faults or breakages so you know what needs repairs or servicing.

Make that bathroom sparkle

Busy lives can mean neglected bathrooms. Bring back the sparkle with a plastic bag and a bit of vinegar. Just fill the bag, tie it to your showerhead or faucets overnight and remove the build up of grime. You can even use it to scrub the bathroom tiles. Shiny.

De-clog the gutters

Feeling clogged up isn’t fun. Your gutters agree. Grab a leafblower or a hose and give them a quick clear out next time the weather’s good – it helps to prevent overflows and lets you check for leaks too. Make sure your ladder is set up on an even surface and grab a hand to keep it stable while you’re up there.

Grow your greens

Healthy snacks are nice, but soggy leaves at the bottom of the fridge aren’t. Grow your own windowsill herbs to reduce waste and free up more grocery money. Jars, tins, or even old mugs can be great makeshift pots in a pinch.

Tally up new things

Done more browsing and buying online lately? Note down your new things and make sure your home and contents insurance covers it all. Nothing worse than writing off brand new goodies. Yikes.

Re-shuffle your space

Sometimes décor gets boring. But revamping can cost a lot. So why not refresh your space for free? Swap your favourite furniture around and play with new room layouts to make your place feel good as new. Remember to lift safely so you can change things back if you’re not sold on the new look.

Delete carpet dents

Left a few dents shuffling your things around? No worries. Pop an ice cube or two in them and see the carpet spring back before your eyes. Boing!

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, every chore crossed off the list means less stuff to sort out later. Go on. Get stuck in this weekend and give your home a once-over.

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