Protect your home from burglary

LIFESTYLE | October 2018

Good home security is one of the best ways to stop unwanted intruders coming into your home and taking your hard-earned belongings. Check out these tips on how to protect your home from theft.

  1. Sensor lights. Thieves are less likely to choose your house if you’ve got sensor lights around your property. It makes it more likely that someone will spot them doing their business and call the police.
  2. Keep your most expensive stuff out of sight. That includes packaging for those expensive purchases - it’s great advertising to thieves that you’ve got some new expensive toy inside. Take a quick look around the house to see if any valuables are visible from windows or doors, and if they are, find a new place to keep them.
  3. Invest in a safe. If you’ve got expensive or sentimental jewellery or other valuables, it’s probably a good idea to keep them in a safe if they’re not being worn or used.
  4. Don’t hide spare keys outside. Even though it’s convenient to hide a spare key outside for those days that you leave them on the kitchen bench, think again. It just makes it easier for thieves to get into your house. Why not give one to a trusted neighbour or friend for safe-keeping, or purchase a smart lock system?
  5. Invest in automatic light timers. If you’re heading away for a holiday and no one’s going to be home, look at investing in an automatic light timer so you can set your lights to turn on / off automatically to make it look like someone’s at home. If burglars think you’re home, they’re less likely to want to take a peak in your home.
  6. Close and lock all windows - even on 2nd / 3rd stories. It’s nice to get fresh air throughout the house if you’re out all day, especially in the warmer months, but close them up when you head out for the day.
  7. Use a wooden rod in the track of sliding doors. This will help stop unwanted thieves getting through the sliding door if they were able to jimmy the lock.
  8. Make friends with your neighbours. If you’re away for long periods, you can ask them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, clear your mail and go inside to check everything’s safe. You could join a neighbourhood watch group too.
  9. Keep the gardens trimmed. Trees and shrubs give unwanted intruders a place to hide, so get them trimmed regularly so they’ve got nowhere to hide.

If the worst does happen and you've got a Contents Comprehensive policy with us, you're covered for things such as burglary and theft - so we'll be able to help replace* items that have been pinched.

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