How to stretch your dollar until payday

LIVING | 4 June 2019

We’ve all been there – payday seems so far away and you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as possible until then. Try these tips to tide you over until then:

Plan your meals and make them at home

Besides, who wants to start their day already stressed out and running late?

Walk when you can

Cut back on driving/ridesharing/or taking public transport if you can. A five-minute drive to the supermarket might be a relaxing 10-minute walk instead. Not only is it better for the environment, but it keeps you more active too!

Skip the morning coffee queue

Try a glass of water with lemon instead or take advantage of the free coffee at work and make your own.

Take advantage of free entertainment

Visit your local library for books and activities you can do for free! Got kids? Take them to the local park and playground! You can also check out your local ‘what’s on’ community page online to see what other free activities you can get involved with. If you’re craving for some social interaction, why not host a movie marathon at home with friends and make it a potluck affair?

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