Easy Business Plan Template

Business | 10 May 2019

A business plan may seem daunting at first but it doesn’t need to be! We know you’re too busy doing everything else, so here’s a quick business plan template you can fill out to help you get started:


This is basically just an introduction to your business. It’s meant to be short and concise so don’t worry too much about the details yet. Some people prefer to write this the last because they get more insight into what they’re trying to say once they’ve filled the rest of the headings out.

Business overview

This is where you can write down more specific information. Our suggestion? Make a table of the more technical information of your business like trading name, contact details, and even a list of your social media channels!


What are you trying to achieve with your product/service/business idea?


Now that you’ve got a clear vision of your purpose and mission, it’s time to bring it to life! This section is for how you’re going to make that happen. And if you get stuck, just remember to put yourself in your potential customers shoes – what are you trying to do/sell/create and how is that going to benefit them?

Who you are

This heading is all about you! What makes you unique? Who are the people in your team and what are their roles? Even if you’re going into it solo for now, make a list of what your responsibilities are and even future roles you want to have as you grow.


Who is going to support your business? Who is your ideal customer? Think about what their needs are and where you might find them.


Who's leading in your industry? What are they doing well and what can they improve on? Use these learnings to help you improve your idea or fill a gap in the market.


Breakdown your budget so you know how much you need and where the money is going towards.


Work backwards from your launch date and break it down to what you need to achieve weekly. Once you get clarity on your deadline, you’ll be able to better manage and prioritise your to-do list before launch.

A business plan is just a starting point and you can edit and refine it as you please. Keep it somewhere safe and secure, and revisit it everytime you need inspiration. Good luck!

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