Pre-existing medical condition

  1. A physical defect, medical condition or disease for which medical treatment or advice has been received during the 12 months prior to applying for this State Travel insurance policy,
  2. An ongoing medical condition or disability that exists when applying for this State travel insurance policy.

Is my pre-existing medical condition covered under this policy?

There is no automatic cover for any pre-existing medical conditions under the standard policy. If you require cover for pre-existing medical conditions you'll need to complete a medical assessment online. You can contact us on 0800 155 777 for a medical assessment over the phone. If we can provide cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, an additional surcharge may be applied. You have the option to accept or decline cover for your pre-existing medical conditions.

How do I apply for cover for a pre-existing medical condition?

  1. Get a quote online here
  2. Review the quote summary
  3. Enter the required traveller details and indicate if you have a pre-existing medical condition
  4. Review the information provided about the pre-existing medical condition assessment
  5. Indicate if you wish to complete the assessment so that your medical condition could be covered
  6. Click on 'begin assessment' then enter your medical condition/s to answer questions about your pre-existing medical condition/s. Repeat the process for every condition
  7. Clicking 'no you don't wish to complete an assessment' will bypass the questions about your pre-existing medical condition and therefore exclude all cover relating directly or indirectly to your pre-existing medical condition
  8. Review the terms of cover
  9. Review the pricing summary then complete your policy. You can pay by either Visa ,MasterCard, other credit card or debit card.

Why do I have to pay extra to get cover for my pre-existing medical condition?

The standard policy doesn't include cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is an optional extra which can only be added if the surcharge has been paid and the terms and conditions agreed to. There will be no cover for any claims relating directly or indirectly to your pre-existing conditions if you choose not to have these covered.

The schedule of benefits outlines the maximum cover provided and any other limits applicable to some sections under your travel insurance policy. For the full list of cover and terms and conditions that apply to your policy please read the policy wording.

If your condition changes prior to your departure, please contact us immediately on 0800 155 777 to review your cover.

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