Pack a snack

For short flights where food isn't provided, take your own snacks to tie you over and avoid expensive airplane food.

Don't forget earplugs

Whether it's rowdy teenagers, loud snorers or vocal watchdogs – earplugs are a traveller's best friend after lights out.

Belt up

For a suitcase space saver, snake your belts around the edge of your bag.

Note-down emergency numbers

Look up the emergency number for the countries you're visiting. In Australia it's 000 for fire, police and ambulance.

Keep the doctor away

Heading to the South Pacific? Some of our most common medical claims are for cuts on coral and gastro. Ask your doctor for recommended remedies before you go.

Eat like a local

To sample local cuisine and brush up on your lingo, why not sign up to a cooking class?

Keep it rollin'

To save precious suitcase space, roll instead of folding your clothes.

Thought of everything?

Add zip lock bags and a pen to your packing list. Both are easy to forget but very handy to have.

Channel your inner hipster

Try writing a travel blog. It's an easy way to keep friends and family in the loop.

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