How are Tally values calculated?

Tally estimates the replacement cost of your home contents using information supplied by Sum Insured Pty Ltd, New Zealand and Australia's leading provider of home contents cost information.

The average values used in Tally are the midpoint between “average standard” and “quality standard” contents replacement costs of a typical two-person household, consisting of two 25 to 35 year old adults, with no children residing in a two bedroom, single bathroom, single garage dwelling. Specific huh! “Average standard” represents the most economical home contents items and equipment available, whereas “quality standard” includes above average quality items. The maximum values used in Tally represent “prestige standard” (most pricey) contents replacement costs.

When you have contents insurance, choosing the right level of cover is important to reduce the risk of not being fully insured (we call that underinsured) – and to avoid any surprises in the event that you need to make a claim.

The items shown in Tally are some of the most common contents items. But chances are you have more stuff than the items shown.

Here’s some items people tend to forget when tallying up the contents of their home:

State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Musical instruments
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Smart watches
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Office equipment
State contents insurance
Sports equipment
State contents insurance
Video games & console
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Portable heaters
State contents insurance
Contents of your fridge and cupboards
State contents insurance
Gardening tools
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Curtains and blinds
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
State contents insurance
Outdoor furniture
State contents insurance
Pet supplies

If you’d like a more comprehensive estimate of your stuff, you can jump online and use our online contents calculator.

We offer two types of contents insurance cover:

Contents Comprehensive

The full cover option. Set the maximum amount that all your contents are insured for – that’s your total sum insured. In most cases we’ll either repair an item or replace it with a new one, regardless of its age. Certain types of items have set limits but if yours are worth more let us know and we can increase the limit, so you are fully covered. Also includes cover (up to $1,000,000) in the event you are held legally liable for accidentally damaging someone else’s property or causing them injury – even when you’re away from home. Find out more.

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Contents Essentials

The budget friendly, basic level of cover. Ideal for covering your stuff for specific events like fire or theft. A straightforward policy covering your contents for present value. Also includes cover (up to $1,000,000) in the event you are held legally liable for accidentally damaging someone else’s property or causing them injury – even when you’re away from home.

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Compare contents insurance options.

Full cover
Multi-policy discount*
Legal liability cover up to $1,000,000
Cover for valuable single items up to a set limit
Cover for sudden and accidental loss or damage
Cover for sudden and accidental loss or damage limited to specified events only
Alternative accommodation costs
Max $20,000
Hidden gradual damage from leaking water in certain circumstances
Home office contents up to $7,500
Most items covered for repair or replacement
All contents are covered for their present value

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