Starting uni and moving into your own place?

We know there’s lots to think about and contents insurance may not have crossed your mind. Here’s a quick overview of why you need it:

  • If your parents have their contents insured with State on our Comprehensive policy, you might still be covered under their policy while you're studying. If you are returning to your parents home for the summer break, their policy may continue to cover you. Give us a call or message us on Facebook to check.
  • If you accidentally damage your flat or any other persons property in NZ, you may have to cover the repair costs. It’s as easy as forgetting a hot pan on the stove, or spilling your morning coffee!
  • Think you won’t get burgled? Think again. Thieves often target houses that are left unattended during the day.
  • Even if you think your stuff isn’t worth much, have you worked out what it would cost to replace your iPhone, tablet, Xbox, headphones, bike, clothes, jewellery and gym gear? You get the picture, it’s a lot!

Contents essentials

Ideal cover if you just want to protect your belongings for specific events.

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Not much stuff?

If you think the value of your contents is under $20,000 we can still cover you.
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Contents comprehensive

Protect your prized possessions with our most extensive contents cover.

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